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Each of our eight resorts located throughout Mexico and Spain features its own spa and wellness center dedicated to providing you with a sense of health, energy, and relaxation during your vacation. You can find amenities like hydrotherapy areas, serene massage cabins, saunas, yoga sessions, fitness centers, and steam rooms, depending on the facilities of each spa, along with a menu of innovative massages, treatments and beauty services that blend technology and ancient techniques so you can indulge on your next Sandos getaway.  




The powers of nature

These soothing experiences blend cutting edge technology with natural elements like gems, ocean-based ingredients, and regional ingredients from our resort destinations to create unique rituals that embody the spirit of each spa.

Ancient Wisdom 100’

Our signature ritual: a couple’s ritual with pre-Hispanic inspiration, ideal for connecting with nature. Enjoy an exquisite and relaxing massage complemented by the healing powers of copal and medicinal plants. This treatment fights anxiety, enhances concentration, releases tension, and helps regain well-being.


Blissful Gems 100’

This luxurious mineral experience combats premature aging, fatigue, and accumulated stress, using an innovative exfoliating massage technique and based on the powers of gems. A holistic therapy that balances the body and harmonizes the senses through a ritual that places quartz on the main energy points


Agave Healing 100’

A traditional Mexican experience through facial and body treatments using the extracts of ancient plants like Blue Agave and Aloe Vera. The skin is wrapped in healing balms that give an immediate cooling and comforting sensation. This treatment prevents premature aging while hydrating and relieving skin damaged by the sun and the environment.


Sea Whisper 100’

Awaken your senses when receiving the benefits of this ocean ritual. A seaweed-based body treatment, rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that stimulate blood flow and lymphatic flow to purify the body. Complemented by a black pearl-based facial treatment that fights facial fatigue while decongesting and detoxifying. A unique and unforgettable sensory experience.

Moon Light

A romantic couple’s experience where the ocean waves, the moonlight and the stars provide the perfect backdrop to an unforgettable date. Enjoy an exclusive and relaxing massage that will carry you to a state of balance, rest and tranquility. Celebrate this special moment with a toast by the ocean shore.


Temazcal Ceremony

Purify your body, mind and spirit with a session in our traditional Mesoamerican sweat lodge followed by a dip in a cool, serene jungle cenote.

facial treatment



Get your face vacation-ready and achieve that youthful glow throughout this beach getaway. Our facials help to restore vitality and luminate the skin using the latest technologies in aesthetic treatments, with options for both men and women.


A facial treatment that creates clean and balanced skin. It hydrates and protects, giving the face a fresh and healthy look.

*Complement your treatment with a deep cleansing option.



An innovative treatment that prevents and fights premature aging. Deeply revitalize and regenerate the skin, and have fun choosing your “YOUTH SHOTS” while discovering the extraordinary properties that this BAR has to offer.




A detoxifying facial treatment designed to care for the needs of masculine skin. Thanks to its formula enriched with Vitamin C, trace elements and olive extract, it restores lost energy and vitality.

Instantly get a fresh, clean, and well-rested look.



A facial treatment with immediate results, inspired by the latest advances in aesthetic medicine and skin regeneration. It acts from within, reactivating the natural production of collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid. Expression lines are filled out and wrinkles decrease, resulting in a younger and more luminous face.

spa chocolate cancun



Our body treatments and wraps at Spa del Mar utilize natural ingredients like cocoa or aloe vera, resulting in a soothing experience for your skin and your entire body. Feel refreshed and renewed for the rest of your vacation.


A warm anti-stress wrap that awakens the senses in a relaxing ambiance. The pure cocoa extract deeply renews, nourishes and softens the skin while stimulating endorphin release, producing a sensation of happiness and well-being. Its exquisite aroma and delicate texture ensures an unforgettable experience.


AFTER SUN BREEZE 50’ (face & body)

A body and facial treatment that’s highly hydrating, calming, and regenerating, designed for skin that has been exposed to the sun. Its main ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera are rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, immediately relieving red skin and burning sensations.

massage cancun


Just Relax

Spa del Mar features a variety of massage options, incorporating a blend of techniques like reflexology, aromatherapy and hot stones to help you achieve true balance and wellness while enjoying a state of bliss.

RELAX 50’/80’

A soft pressure massage that relieves nervous tension and accumulated tiredness. The repetitive motions improve blood circulation and improve the oxygenation of internal organs, releasing stress.



A comforting massage with soft hand movements to relieve stress and calm anxiety. The perfect synergy of essential oils helps to balance the body, mind and spirit.



A massage created especially for relieving pregnancy-related discomforts. It reduces pressure on the legs as well as body fatigue. The slow surface-level movements favor circulation, release liquid retention, and provide deep relaxation.



A deep muscle tissue massage with stretching and acupressure, designed to reduce tension points and muscle spasms caused by factors such as bad posture, stress and chronic muscular fatigue.



A neuro sedative massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and improves circulation, leading to the elimination of toxins to purify the body. This treatment prevents the appearance of varicose veins and liquid retention.

Recommended for before and after long journeys.



A holistic technique using hot stones that harmonize the body’s different energy points known as Chakras, through relaxing movements that oxygenate the blood.



A personalized therapy that utilizes a selection of techniques that reduce specific pains like sciatica, lower back pain, or neck and hip problems. Your body will feel relieved of the pain caused by your ailment.



A fusion of different therapies like acupressure, stretching, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, and relaxing massage techniques to achieve well-being and recover energy.



A form of massage created 2,500 years ago. It increases flexibility, helps relieve muscle tension and energy with a gentle pressure and stretching.



This therapy includes massages with thumbs, feet, palms and fingers, plus stretching and joint manipulation.




Indulge in treatments and massages from across the world, incorporating ancient techniques such as acupressure, stretching and meditation to enhance your body’s flexibility and energy flow.


An ancestral therapy known as “Assisted Yoga”, based on stretching, acupressure and meditation techniques that improve body flexibility, relieve stress, and reduce tiredness and muscular fatigue.



A Japanese technique based on hand-applied pressure to diverse points of the body known as “Zen Energy Meridians”, as well as foot reflexology and joint movements to achieve balance between the physical body and energy flow.




Whether you’re wanting the perfect beach pedicure or a beautiful hairstyle for a special event, you can find on-site beauty treatments with everything you need to look your best this vacation.


Indulge your hands and feet with our incredible wraps and enjoy an explosion for your senses. Choose the perfect experience for you from our menu, and enjoy a hydrotherapy massage and deep hydration thanks to our exclusive formulas.



We believe in the wisdom of nature, and we care about your hair’s health, which is why we have designed treatments using the benefits of cutting edge technology and the most beneficial elements of plants, flowers and fruits. This fusion of nature and science gives your hair deep hydration, shine and strength, all while nourishing, restoring and enhancing the hair’s natural beauty.



Spa mani-pedi

Artificial nails

Gel nail polish

Professional makeup








Hair removal

Special services for brides


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