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Tenerife is a very special Canarian island known for its unimaginable biodiversity, dreamy beaches, and a world heritage that invites you to visit it at any time of the year for its good weather. This year we are preparing a very special guide, in which the protagonist is you. We seek to explore the most authentic places of Tenerife, those that invite you to get lost discovering the charm of an island bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. We invite you to explore our first special spots that will be part of the 2.0 Guide and we would like you to help us discovering new ones and make this Guide 2.0 the best host of Sandos hotels.

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Culture and tradition

The Spanish crown conquered the island of Tenerife in the fifteenth century, but before Spain conquered the island, it was inhabited by a group of aboriginals by the name Guanches.

Since then, the culture of the island has been influenced by the Guanches traditions! It also influenced the commerce that arose with the discovery of America, becoming a point of obligatory stop in the expeditions to the Americas. Tenerife was also the victim of a large number of pirate attacks, and therefore, today, you can visit several forts that were used to protect against these invasions.

  • The carnivals of Tenerife is one of the most important events on the island and, it is also known worldwide. The whole carnival is extremely attractive for those who want to spend a few days on the island and enjoy the gala of their choice. A few to name are the gala of the carnival queen, the great and colorful parade, the contest of murgas, and the funeral of the sardine. It is also encouraged that you bring your best costume so that you can take place in these celebrations!


  • Carpets of the Corpus in La Orotava: since 1847 the town of La Orotava is known for the artistic tradition in which the floors of the streets are decorated with carpets of flowers while they represent drawings for the feast of Corpus Christi.


  • Archaeological remains from the period of the Guanche: to learn more about Guanche culture you can visit the Museum of Nature and Man and the Archaeological Museum of Puerto de la Cruz, where you can find Guanche mummies, artistic remains, and treasures. You can also enjoy different festivities that originate from the time of Guanches such as the one in Los Hachitos in the town of Icod de Los Vinos.


Carpets of the Corpus in La Orotava

Carpets of the Corpus in La Orotava

Archaeological remains from the period of the Guanche

Archaeological remains from the period of the Guanche

Sandos San Blas Playa de la Tejita

Beaches and towns

In Tenerife, you can find anything from small charming towns, with the architecture and true nature of the Canary Islands,

to heavenly beaches where you can enjoy colorful contrasts between the blue ocean and the warm tones of the volcanic rock. Heres a few places that you must see during your visit.

  • Caserío de Masca: Here the houses stand on the edges of the ravines of the mountain and it is one of the most preserved and isolated places in Tenerife. It also reflects the traditional architecture of the Canary Islands and adapts to the nature that surrounds it. El Mirador de Cherfe (on the road that arrives from Santiago del Teide) gives a wonderful panoramic view of the area.


  • Charco de la Laja: A small volcanic paradise that surely will connect you with the nature of Tenerife. Volcanic eruptions formed this location, and the lava from these eruptions has given it the peculiar form it has today. While visiting this area, take advantage of the nearby town of San Juan de la Rambla.


  • San Juan de la Rambla: A very small municipality that transmits a unique charm in its streets while offering the perfect place to connect with the relaxed atmosphere of the area.  Here you can also discover places like the House of the Alonso del Castillo or the Alhóndiga.


  • Playa de la Tejita: This gorgeous beach is isolated from the urban centers and is rarely visited. It is in a protected natural space, so access is only possible on foot and, its black sand is sure to mesmerize you and give you a whole new experience.


  • Playa de Los Gigantes: This is truly a unique beach. Why? Because this beach contains black sand and is secluded and protected by towering cliffs!
Sandos San Blas Charco de la laja

Charco de la Laja

Sandos San Blas San Juan de la Rambla

San Juan de la Rambla



Tenerife should be characterized by the number of outdoor activities you can participate in that allows you to discover the charms of the island.

Whatever your style of vacation may be, we want to provide you with this list of recommendations, so that we can help make the most of your stay and so that you can enjoy the incredible and breathtaking views and experiences this island has to offer.

  • El Teide Volcano: Undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the island is this breathtaking volcano. The largest in Spain, it is just one of those things that you cannot miss. With a strategic location in the center of the island, there are several ways to explore the volcano and its surroundings, by car, on your own, or through an organized excursion, the volcanic landscapes will leave you in awe!


  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Santa Cruis is the capital of Tenerife, and it has endless charming corners and places to discover. A full day of walking through the center of the city will help you become familiar with its amazing main attractions. The market, the Plaza de España, or the Castillo de San Cristóbal are just some of the places that are a must to see when visiting Santa Cruz.


  • Hiking and charming routes: If what you like is hiking and exploring new and different places, you are in the right place. We offer many different options to please all kinds of tastes: the wine route; as its name indicates, invites you to discover the variety of wines on the island, the wind cave; considered the largest volcanic tube in Europe, and the castle of San Miguel; a medieval route sure to take you back in time. These options are just some of a long list of trips that we propose! Here at Sandos, we want you to live to the max during your stay in Tenerife.
Sandos San Blas queso Tenerife


Tenerife's gastronomy is characterized by the simplicity, variety, and quality of its local products.

Its gastronomy is derived from the heritage of the Guanches, peninsular, and Latin American influences,all in which highlight many cultural contributions that the Canary Islands have received throughout its history.


One of the best-known recipes of Canarian cuisine is that of wrinkled potatoes a recipe that consists simply of potatoes with skin, submerged and cooked in salt water. But that is just one of the amazing foods to try here on the island of Tenerife! Next, we are going to tell you the 7-star foods from Tenerife's cuisine that your taste buds cannot miss out on when you visit the island.


  • Tomatoes: It´s deep red color and, sweet flavors are what makes these tomatoes some of the most unique in the world. Whether they are in a salad or fried in sauce, the tomato is an essential element in Tenerife's gastronomy and the star of many of its recipes. Try it on many dishes!


  • Cheese: The Canary Islands is considered an autonomous community that consumes the most cheese by inhabitant per year. The most beloved cheese in the Canaries is the tender one, and it contains a delightful flavor of fresh, light, and somewhat salty milk. The cured cheeses are covered with paprika and gofio. The best-known cheese recipe is that of grilled cheese in which they bathe it with a soft green mojo sauce and a red mojito picantón.


  •  The Gofio: A roasted and ground cereal. The only food that comes from the time of the aboriginal people living on the island! There are several types, although perhaps the most consumed is that of wheat and millet. The aboriginal people eat it for breakfast, and it is an essential complement to dishes such as the Canarian puchero or the fish casserole, and they produce high-quality desserts such as ice cream.


  • The chestnuts: The chestnut is the special guest at the San Andrés party, on November 29 when the wineries of Tenerife open their doors for the tasting of new wine, they accompany the event with stewed chestnuts, a good mojo, salted fish, and sweet potatoes. Towns such as La Victoria and La Matanza dedicate the month of November to the chestnut, an exquisite fruit that can be tasted throughout the island and prepared in a thousand different ways.


  • Honey: The honey on the island has great diversity and exclusivity thanks to the endemic plants and flowers such as the Tajinaste, the Retama del Teide, or the Relinchón. Also, they have the Canarian black bee native to the islands, and thanks to them, they obtain half of the honey produced on the islands.


  • Potatoes: Without any doubt the main star of Tenerife! The potato is eaten at all hours, prepared in so many different ways, and is the most consumed product on the island. The island has more than twenty different types of potatoes, these being the most used: the pretty potato, black potato, and Chinegua.


  • Bananas: The flavor of the banana here is the most unique flavor in the world, and it is incomparable. We all know the most common way to eat a banana, but here in Tenerife, it is also used heavily in the kitchen and prepared in various ways. To name a few, a fried banana is added to rice along with other ingredients to turn it into a bowl of Cuban rice. In pastries, they mix it into cakes. And believe it or not jams and liqueurs, two of which are true delicacies of the Tenerife cuisine.


  • Mojo: It is the quintessential sauce of the Canary Islands, and it serves to accompany different dishes (meats, fish, potatoes ...). There are different types of mojos, depending on what they accompany, they can range from mild to very spicy flavors ("mojos picones"). There are also mojos from different islands and localities.
Sandos San Blas papas Tenerife


Sandos San Blas bananas Tenerife


Los Gigantes Tenerife Sandos San Blas

The unforgattable enclaves

Tenerife the island of eternal spring

Discover the must see of the Atlantic Island. 

  • Teide: declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2007 in the category of Natural Well” This volcano is located in the center of the island, at an average altitude of 2,000 meters, and its summit represents the highest peak in Spain, with 3,718 meters!


  • The historical center of the Lagoon: Declared a world heritage city by Unesco, its colonial architecture, the linear layout of its streets, which was made in the 15th century without exterior protection walls, and a large pedestrian shopping area, all give a distinctive mark to this University City.


  • Anaga: Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Anaga has the largest number of endemic species per square kilometer in Europe. This is truly the perfect place for lovers of hiking.


  • Rural park of Teno: One of the most beautiful natural spaces of Tenerife!


  • The giants: Located on the west coast of Tenerife, its impressive vertical rock walls are one of the most spectacular landscapes of the island, and in some areas, have a height of 600 meters.


  • The wind cave in Icod / millenary dragoon park: Famous for being the home of the Millenary Drago which was declared a National Monument in 1917. Another place of interest is the Cueva del Viento with the largest volcanic tube in Europe and the 5th largest in the world. It has more than 17 kilometers and, inside there are many underground passages.