Health Path

This tropical path runs through the center of our Playacar resort so you can walk from one area to another while enjoying gardens filled with regional plant life and wildlife.

health path

Stroll our natural gardens

This tropical path runs through the center of our resort.

The three main areas of Sandos Playacar Beach Resort are connected by a beautiful path known as the Camino de la Salud (Health Path). Not only does this path guide our guests from one area to another, it also allows you to learn more about the natural surroundings of the Riviera Maya during your All Inclusive beach vacation.

This walkway is marked by a thick white line to guide you so you can easily find your way. Along the path, you’ll come across a variety of natural elements like tropical trees, flowers, and critters.


Ceiba Trees
The ancient Mayas believed these beautiful trees to be sacred. They can grow to be impressively tall, but young ceiba trees are green and covered in large thorns.


In addition to its ceibas and many palm trees, this path is also home to wild critters that choose to live here: coatis, sereques, iguanas and more.


Plant-covered pergolas
It can get pretty sunny here in the Riviera Maya (and we like it that way), but the Health Path has a few shady pergolas to keep you cool along the way.


Animals at sandos

animals at sandos

animals at sandos