cat city

Taking care of our feline residents

A home for cats

The cats at Sandos Playacar are a beloved animal for us and for our guests. They roam the resort freely, and for several years we have taken care of them with spaying/neutering, vaccinations and our Cat Cafes where they can find food and water. Our cats even enjoy a luxurious lifestyle thanks to our impressive Cat City!

These feline facilities are located at the beginning of the Health Path (when coming from the lobby area), so you can stop by to visit on your next stay at Sandos Playacar. This miniature city offers everything our cats might need under the shade of the trees. Here the cats have several cabin-style houses where they can sleep or find shelter from the rain (each with its own small terrace for drinking water), along with food and water stations with palapa roofs. There’s also a bathroom area with two litter boxes so the cats can do their business in comfort. If they feel in the mood for playing and exploring, we have several play areas set up in the middle of the city, like a climbing tower, a miniature see-saw and a tennis ball station.


How we take care of our cats



At Sandos Playacar, we’ve had cats living on-site for several years. We have 9 official hotel cats, as well as a few street cats living here. We offer them all continuous veterinary support, along with de-parasiting, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering. We always feed the cats twice a day: once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. It’s an honor for us to be able to offer such a beautiful home for our cats. With so many games and living spaces, it’s like a resort for cats within our resort! We hope the cats of Sandos Playacar love this city created especially for them.


cat city