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Lanzarote is a Canarian island that is highly acclaimed for its enigmatic volcanic landscapes and a local culture that roots from a picturesque nature, local art and tasty cuisine. An island that leaves its mark on everyone who visits it. This year we are preparing a very special guide. We seek to explore the most authentic places of Lanzarote, those that invite you to get lost discovering the charm of an island bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. We invite you to explore our first special spots that will be part of the 2.0 Guide and we would like you to help us discovering new ones and make this Guide 2.0 the best host of Sandos hotels.

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Sandos Papagayo tradition

Culture and tradition

Lanzarote is an island that is characterized by its cultural richness and importance that has been given to it since the twentieth century.

With the help of the famous César Manrique, a Canarian artist, the island today is a point of reference in traditional cultural conservation and architecture.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit museums, popular local festivities and much more, such as:

  • Teguise, a town on the island of Lanzarote with a longstanding history. It was the capital of the island in colonial times. Today it is characterized by its architectural splendor and by the activities that you can participate in, such as visiting the Pirate Museum or the Castle of Santa Bárbara located on an ancient volcano. Every Sunday, there is a typical market where you can discover local crafts and organic and traditional products of the island.


  • In the different traditional festivals of the island such as San Ginés in Arrecife, the Virgin of the Volcanoes in the Ermita de Mancha Blanca or the Virgen del Carmen in Teguise, you will be able to enjoy the richness and traditions of the Lanzarote. Experience the islands cultural dances and songs.


  • The rich archaeological heritage will allow you to discover a different side of Lanzarote, a place where you will find a variety of villages that were populated once upon a time or places that influenced the existing settlements due to trade. Among them is the town, San Marcial del Rubicón, the first European settlement on the island.


  • Due to the strategic nature of the island, you can visit different military fortifications such as the Castle of San José, Castle of San Gabrie, and the Torre del Águila ...


  • The famous César Manrique, born in Lanzarote, was in love with his native island and in it, he left a significant influence represented by the traditional sculptures and artistic enclaves. You can learn much more about this Spanish artist at the international renown Museum of César Manrique or the César Manrique Foundation.

Sandos Papagayo Castillo San José

San Jose Castle

César Manrique

César Manrique

Sandos Papagayo playas


To know the essence and contrasts of Lanzarote, you must visit the best parts of the island.

From the bluish colors of the sea to the dark tones of the volcanic areas, Lanzorte is full of magical views and incredible experiences. Enjoy the most of your holiday and don´t miss out on visiting its exotic beaches and its traditional villages.

  • Playas de Papagayo: a place where you can experience the contrast between crystalline waters and blue tones, golden sand and dark rocks. This is a  wonderful place full of mesmerizing contrasts.


  • Los Charcones natural pools: it is one of the most unexplored places on the island and it is a unique place for those seeking relaxation. Here you can enjoy a saltwater bath in pools formed by ancient lava craters.


  • The valley of the thousand palm trees: this town is the representation of Canarian architecture. From here you can visit three important points of the island: the Mirador del Río, the Jameos del Agua, and the Cueva de Los Verdes.


  • Teguise: the ancient capital of Lanzarote, a place that best preserves the traditional architecture of the island. Here you can breathe the traditional essence of Lanzorte and walk through it´s quiet and peaceful cobblestone streets.

Sandos Papagayo Teguise


Sandos Papagayo Haría


Sandos Papagayo Timanfaya


All you can do

The island of Lanzarote should be characterized by the number of outdoor activities you can participate in that allows you to discover the charms of the island.Whatever your style of vacation may be, we want to provide you with this list of recommendations, so that we can help make the most of your stay and so that you can enjoy the incredible and breathtaking views and experiences this island has to offer.


  • Mountains of fire: if you have an adventurous spirit, this activity is perfect for you and, you shouldn't miss out on this incredible experience. This activity will allow you the opportunity to discover the volcanic landscape of the island as well as the Timanfaya National Park.


  • Lanzarote by boat: with departures located from different points of the island, such as Puerto Calero or Puerto del Carmen, travel to each corner of the island through a boat trip, and without a doubt, experience the most relaxing way to discover the magic of the coast of Lanzarote.


  • Island of wolves: Explore a natural and virgin part of the island where you can explore incredible beaches and, if you decide to, discover the Atlantic Ocean, you will surely have the luck of watching dolphins in their natural habitat.
Sandos Papagayo papas arrugas


Gastronomy is an essential part of a culture and, it´s a journey.

If you are passionate about discovering new flavors, do not miss the strongly influenced African and Latin American traditional food at Lanzarote.

Try these 5 typical and delicious dishes of Lanzarote at any restaurant you might visit:


  • Papas arrugadas con mojo: the quintessential dish of Lanzarote and the Canary Islands! Made with simple ingredients that combine potatoes cooked with the skin and a sauce made with olive oil, parsley, garlic, cilantro, and salt. If you like spicy and intense flavors, this dish is perfect for you!


  • Sancocho de Pescado: one of the most essential and native fish dishes of Lanzarote consisting of fish with potatoes, a meal typically eaten during Holy Week.


  • Lapas: small marine mollusks that are cooked with garlic, parsley, salt, olive oil, and white wine. Simply delicious!


... and for the sweet tooth:


  • Gofio: a dessert created with toasted grain flour that can be presented in many ways, such as:  mixed with milk; added to desserts (including ice cream!); and in the form of pasta or mixed with fish stock. If you have a gofio mousse on the dessert menu, do not hesitate to ask for it, it´s delicious!


  • Bienmesabe: sweetness added to a multitude of Canarian desserts. It is prepared with almonds, egg, sugar, and lemon. It is very common to find it in Lanzarote restaurants served with ice cream, so if you have the opportunity, it is a definite must try!

Sandos Papagayo jameos del agua

The unforgattable enclaves

The island of fire

Fall in love with the magnificent scenery of this stunning island made of black sand beaches, numerous valleys, craters, and endless volcanic landscapes that will take your breath away.


  • Mountains of fire and Timanfaya National Park, one of the official tours consists of a Volcano Route that is done by bus or on the back of a camel.


  • Jameos del Agua: a unique volcanic tunnel created by César Manrique, a painter, sculptor, and Canarian artist, with caverns in which there is an auditorium, a restaurant, and a lake of salt water.


  • Cueva de Los Verdes is a volcanic structure located north of the island of Lanzarote. Part of the volcanic tube originated from the eruption of the volcano of La Corona.


  • Mirador del Río: from this watchtower, you can see La Graciosa and other islets of the Chinijo.


  • The Hervideros: erosion formed underground caves that today are used as balconies on this lava coast.


  • Jardín del Cactus: a place that receives almost 1,400 species from the rest of the Canary Islands, the Americas, and Madagascar!


We hope that this list of information on the beautiful island of Lanzarote will give you insight on your vacation outside of the hotel. As much as we love to serve you at the resort, we hope you will take the opportunity to explore this mesmerizing paradise, it´s culture, and it´s hidden wonders.

Sandos Papagayo hervideros


Sandos Papagayo Mirador del Río

Mirador del Río