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The Mediterranean has been a source of inspiration for many artists. And its most famous island is fascinating by day and by night. Ibiza, known as the white island, keeps a lot of secrets and legends; It is a door to paradise of beautiful coves, crystal clear waters and unimaginable sunsets. This year we are preparing a very special guide, in which the protagonist is you. We seek to explore the most authentic corners of Ibiza, those that invite you to get lost discovering the charm the Mediterranean gems. We invite you to explore our first special spots that will be part of the 2.0 Guide and we would like you to help us discovering new ones and make this Guide 2.0 the best host of Sandos hotels.

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Culture & tradition

Ibiza is now known worldwide as one of the most attractive tourist destinations!

Unfortunately, the white island has been modernized from the twentieth century, until then the island had remained faithful to its traditions, and its natural landscapes were almost totally virgins! Though so much has changed, today you can still see that these traditions are preserved in different towns and can be enjoyed at parties or traditional celebrations.

  • Its simplicity and the color white characterize the traditional Ibizan architecture. This style is maintained today in the villages and is most attractive for tourists who want to know a little more about the traditions of the island. This type of architecture has been inspired by other places outside Ibiza as a way of construction.


  • One tradition that is maintained in all the Balearic Islands and is a holiday in which families and friends join is the season of meat. All sausage from the pig is prepared, which will be consumed throughout the year; this is where the traditional and famous sobrasada is produced. Although this tradition is not suitable for those apprehensive or animal lovers.


  •  Ball Pagés and traditional musical instruments: the traditional dance of the island is the Ball Pagés, nowadays still performed in different festivities that take place throughout the year. This dance is performed dressed in traditional costumes and danced to the rhythm of traditional handmade musical instruments!


  •  One of the most important festivities of the island that you shouldn't miss is Santa Eularia des Riu and Sant Antoni de Portmany.
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Ibiza is an island that offers more than just a party.

The White Island consists of beaches and villages that offer charm, tranquillity, and modernity with a Mediterranean atmosphere. It is a place to get lost and discover something new such as a cove, a beach, or the perfect place to enjoy one of its mesmerizing sunsets.

  • Benirras: is a cove where you can enjoy the best sunsets on the island of Ibiza. It is an area famous for being a meeting point among the hippy community; there they meet with their drums to play together while the sunset falls against the cove. But the shocking you will have to cross an area of impressive hills and valleys to get to it.


  • Cala Bassa: is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza. It is the perfect place for water sports as it is a shallow area with crystal clear and calm waters. In addition, the beach is surrounded by forest and offers the perfect place shade resting under a tree in the shade.


  • Sa Caleta: or also known as Es Bol Nou, is a small but very quiet beach. Its crystal clear watersare a paradise, but what captivates most are the views that surround the beach, as it is located on a small cliff.


  • Santa Eulalia del Río: is well-known for what differentiates itself from the rest of the Balearic Islands: its river. This area is located in the ideal place for enjoying the charming contrasts between its most commercial streets and the marina.


  • Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera: a very quiet town located in the interior of the island. In addition to the typical white houses, at the centre of the town, you will find a church from the eighteenth century. To add on to the historic atmosphere of this town is the tranquillity palpable in each of its streets, the perfect place to set aside what you see and let your body feel free!


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Cala Bassa

Sandos El Greco guía 2.0

Cala Benirras

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Ibiza should be characterized by the number of outdoor activities you can participate in that allows you to discover the charms of the island.

Whatever your style of vacation may be, we want to provide you with the ultimate list of recommendations that will help make the most of your stay and allow you to enjoy the incredible and breath taking views and experiences this island has to offer.

  • For lovers of the sea and sailboats

Explore the waters of Ibiza on a sailboat and discover the island Formentera. There are different options from a classic sailboat to an eco-catamaran, all of which offer various services with activities to do both on and off the boat.


  • For the most adventurous

Discover the hidden wonders of Ibiza as you explore the island and enjoy the most spectacular scenery by mountain bike, horseback riding, or hiking! This tour is accompanied by professional guides who know every corner of Ibiza and will explain the history of the island, making it a truly unforgettable experience.


  • For thrill-seekers

For a different and adventurous weekend, there are also multi-sports days with activities such as climbing, training on the beach, or for the more active: hiking, paddle boarding, climbing, diving, and for the bravest, cliff diving classes.

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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is an island fortunate to have received a rich cultural legacy influenced by various civilizations that have populated it.

Sun, sea, and earth determine exquisite and original gastronomy that provokes a unique flavor for each of the five senses. A cuisine based on the Mediterranean trilogy: wheat, wine, and olive oil. In our buffet and a la carte restaurant Xaloc, you will find full gastronomy from Ibiza. We encourage you to explore the island and discover and indulge in these 5 typical dishes of Ibiza.

  • Fish stew: The peix or fish stew is one of the most typical dishes of the Ibizan cuisine. Among the island locals, this stew is a legacy of fishermen and is present in the vast majority of homes and restaurants on the island. It is served in a clay pot and is usually given very hot. This dish also has a sibling, the bullit de peix, the only difference being that the latter is accompanied by rice and has less broth. Both are delicious and deserve to be tested!


  • The rice of Matanza: without a doubt, the rice of slaughter is the plate of the island that keeps more relation with the day of the slaughter of the pig, a great celebration of yesteryear turned into part of the own gastronomic culture of our country.


  • Sobrasada: The sobrasada is a cured raw sausage, made with various pork meat seasoned with spices, paprika, and salt. How do you eat it? Well, there are many ways to consume it. As an appetizer spread on bread, baked with a splash of honey, or included in a recipe: squid stuffed with sobrassada, fish stew, garlic soups, croquettes or sofrit Pagés.


  • Sofrito payés: For lovers of meat, Sofrito Payés is a classic, even more so in winter and festive days. It is prepared with lamb, chicken, potatoes, legumes, garlic, and two ingredients exclusive to the island: sobrasada and botifarró.


  • Flaó: a cake made with fresh sheep and goat cheese aswell as mint and anise. It's delicious, so visit Ibiza and get to know this recipe firsthand!
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The white island

Fall in love with Ibiza

  • The historic center of Ibiza with a unique walled area known as DALT VILA. Ideal for visiting any day!


  •  Hippy Market in ES Canar every Wednesday and Las Dalias every Saturday.


  •  Sunset at Café del Mar / Benirras / Las Salinas, perfect for any day there is sun!


  •  Excursion to visit the island Formentera, any day, but better if it is not a weekend.


  • Beach day. The options are extensive: Sa Caleta, Cala Bassa, Cala Conta, Cala D'Hort, Cala Saladeta, and of course Portinatx.