The Ceremonies

Live an ancient tale during your stay through 2 Maya ceremonies:


The Arrival

Day 1: The Arrival

Tuesday - 8:30 pm

And so the story begins on the beach...

Mayan rowers have just rescued a castaway on a canoe journey from the island of Cozumel. When they reach the mainland, the people see that the man is different from them – white – and they are afraid. The village leader, the Chaman, orders to offer the white man up as a sacrifice to the goddess. The Chaman’s daughter, however, pleads on the man’s behalf. Overcome by fatherly love, the Chaman grants his daughter’s wish and spares the foreign man’s life.

La Llegada

The Arrival

the arrival

Tuesday 8:30 pm

fire of life

Day 2: Fire of Life Ceremony

Saturday - 8:30 pm

Gather around a clearing in the jungle to witness a Mayan ritual of darkness and fire...

Surrounded by the intense heat, the Mayan Chilam gives thanks for everything the Great Creator has given us: the sacred elements of Water, Sun, Wind, Earth and Life. While the villagers dance to thunderous drums, the Xcalacoco community unites in a prayer for harmony. In this final ceremony, we promise to continue feeding the Fire of Life.

Fire of Life Ceremony

Fire of Life Ceremony

the fire of life caracol