The jungle awaits

The more you explore Sandos Caracol, the more hidden treasures you’ll find. The jungle surrounding this area is overflowing with beauty, making your vacation so much more than a typical beach getaway. Visit our Bike Station to get started on the jungle Bike Path that takes you around the edges of the resort property and through the jungle to the wonders of the Xcalacoco area of the resort. Sandos Caracol is also home to several cenotes: natural springs that connect to the region’s massive underground river system.

The region’s ancient Mayas believed these crystal clear cenotes were the entrances to the underworld and used them for making sacrifices to the gods. Here, you can snorkel in the large Cenote “Cristalino”, located just behind the lobby, and cross over the Waterfall Cenote on the suspension bridge. Through the center of the resort runs a winding path along our extensive mangrove forest, allowing you to easily explore the tangled trees of this beautiful ecosystem and see some of the critters and wildlife that call the mangrove “home”.

Some of what you can explore and see

bike path sandos caracol

Bike Path

Take a trip through the resort’s lush jungle and on-site attractions on a path that takes you around the beautiful property.

cenote path

The Cenote Route

This wilderness path leads through the jungle past a series of natural underground springs known as cenotes.

mangrove path

Mangrove Path

Explore one of the most important coastal habitats along Mexico’s Caribbean coast! Our mangrove forests are filled with exotic trees and wildlife.

bird sanctuary caracol

Bird Sanctuary

Admire a multitude of multicolored birds in a lush environment.

Deer Encounter

Deer Encounter

Observe white-tailed deer, one of the region’s most graceful animals, in a natural jungle habitat.



These prehistoric jungle reptiles can be found sunning themselves throughout the resort.