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Travel Life

Environmental Program

Sandos is committed with the sustainability Travelife program. It is an achievement that helps to promote environmental susainability efforts.

  • Separate collection

We do separate collection waste in the Hotel

  • Water saving

Savings systems for drinking water are available in all facilities

  • Pool

Chemicals products are dosed in pools and we supervissed the air conditioning temperature in the hotels

  • Landscape integration

We take care of landscape integration of the Hotel with te environment

  • Energy efficiency

We encourage saving measures and efficiency energy facilities

  • Eco purchases

Environmental criteria are used in conducting shopping. We encourage purchases from local supplier.

  • Noises

The hotel maintains a noise control to be environmentally friendly

Customer Information

At the reception desk we inform our customers about the environmental management carried out by the establishment and we encourage their participation:

  • Give the batteries at the reception desk
  • Do not use the toilets as wastebaskets; you will be to contribute to minimize the use of water.
  • Please open the tap just the time required, thereby decrease water consumption.
  • Please instead of taking a bath use the shower. Turn off the tap to prevent dripping water.
  • The toilet has a double click mechanism that saves water. Pressing the small button the tank will use half of domestic water.
  • Please put the towels in the bathtub if you want to change them. If you hang on the towel rail will understand that you use again. This will reduce water consumption energy.
  • Do not open doors and windows with the air condiioning or heating on, to prevent loss of heat and cold.
  • Turn off the lights when leaving rooms, and contribute to the reduction of electricity consumption.
  • Maintain a moderate colume of audio-visual equipment used in the hotel, to avoid inconvenience to other customers in joining rooms.