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Khas Mahal

Easily the best Indian restaurants in Benidorm, the Khas Mahal is a guest favourite. You will find a menu inspired by traditional Indian recipes, an authentic dining experience that teleports you to India. If you love Indian cuisine, then the Khas Mahal is going to be yet another reason to come back to Sandos Monaco.

Khas Mahal

At Sandos Monaco, we love to surprise you! Khas Mahal features traditional Indian flavours so you can discover this exotic cuisine.


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The mixture of spices and the smell of curry, with specially chosen decoration, will transport you to India as you discover their unique cuisine. Khas Mahal restaurant is located at the hotel Sandos Benidorm Suites, which is part of our family, only a 10-minute walk away. When you stay at Sandos Monaco, you can have a dinner there if your stay is 5 nights or longer. Remember to book your table at the front desk, it will be an unforgettable experience! Come and find the most iconic Indian recipes for a memorable evening!

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    Dinner: 7:10 – 10:00 p.m. (final orders at 9:30), closed Thursdays and Sundays

    Dress Code

    Smart Casual: Nice bermuda shorts are allowed. Shoes are required. No swimwear, sportswear, vests


    Reservation at the front desk required