Hydrotherapy circuit

The perfect space to relax, refresh and recharge

Can you picture a vacation within a vacation? Come discover this idyllic place with amenities to relax your body and renew your energy. Spa Sandos will be the perfect complement to your stay.


Jets of the Spa in Sandos Monaco


Prepared to work the musculature and relax the body, it’s equipped with three bubble beds to work out all the muscular tension.

Turkish bath in Sandos Monaco

Turkish Bath

With the wet heat in its interior, it releases toxins and eliminates dead cells. Oxygenate yourself and breathe on this holiday.

Finnish sauna in Sandos Monaco


Release toxins and feel at peace in our Finnish sauna.

Waterfall and swan necks in the spa of Sandos Monaco

Waterfall and swan necks

Ideal for working on the back and neck areas

Bubble bed in the spa of Sandos Monaco

Bubble beds

Feel the pleasure of relaxation with our pool's bubble beds. You won't want to miss this!

Jet in Sandos Monaco Spa


5 jets for working on legs and the lumbar region

Couple in the Jacuzzi in Sandos Monaco


Immerse yourself in our jacuzzi and release muscular tension.

Cold water pool in the Spa of Sandos Monaco

Cold water pool

Dare to enter and activate your blood circulation, giving you a huge charge of energy to enjoy the day in every sense of the phrase.

Pediluvium in the Spa of Sandos Monaco


Improve circulation with our stone circuit. Here, cold water jets will refresh your feet!

Ice fountain Sandos Monaco


Caress your body with ice while activating all your energy.