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Benidorm is a city that has it all. Perfect for a walk on the beach, a hike in the surroundings or tasting a good paella overlooking the sea. It boasts good weather throughout the year and is located in one of the most attractive areas of the Mediterranean. Benidorm - you have to live it! This year we are preparing a very special guide, in which the protagonist is YOU. We seek to explore the most authentic places of Benidorm, those that invite you to get lost discovering the charm of a city nestled in the Mediterranean. We invite you to explore our first special spots that will be part of the 2.0 Guide and we would like you to help us discovering new ones and make this Guide 2.0 the best host of Sandos hotels.

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Sandos Benidorm fallas

Culture & tradition

The origins of Benidorm date back to the fourteenth century; it was a small town of fishermen and soldiers who protected the area from pirate attacks.

The fishing tradition has been maintained over the centuries alongside the agricultural traditions of the area. In the second half of the 20th century is when Benidorm became a key place for sun and beach tourism. Little by little Benidorm kept growing until it became the best Spanish and European tourist location of the 60s.

Different traditional festivities are celebrated throughout Benidorm throughout the year, such as:

  • Fallas

A very traditional festival in March of the whole Valencian zone. During this party, people wear traditional fallero suits and take part in different activities. Ninots (sculptures) will be evaluated by a jury and are planted; one of them will be pardoned while the rest will be burned.


  • Moors and Christians

The origin of this festival commemorates the reconquest of the territories occupied by the Moors, during the dates of these parties, different parades are held in which the participants are dressed depending on whether they belong to the Moor or the Christian side. They end with the capture of the castle by Christians and the delivery of keys to the city.


  • San Juan

The famous night of San Juan takes place on the night of June 23rd to 24th, this party is celebrated on the beach, where groups of friends meet to light fires and jump over them. Tradition says that at 12 at night in pursuit of luck you have to bathe and jump the waves.


Moors and Christians Sandos Benidorm

Moors and Christians

Fallas Sandos Benidorm


Sandos Benidorm Altea

Beaches & towns

If you have the opportunity, Benidorm is a city that offers a wide range of activities and places that you must discover.

Do not be surprised if you fall in love with its wide beaches or its peaceful and beautiful villages. We recommend five places that are a must to see on your visit:


  • Altea

An adorable town of white houses that are colored by the rays of the sun. In addition to being a peaceful and quiet place, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the bay that boasts large boulders. Take a walk through this old town or along its promenade and enjoy the harmony of the area.


  • Guadalest

It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain as its medieval atmosphere transports you to another era. Discover the mysteries of its castle located on the highest rock of the town and embark on a journey through time among its quiet cobbled streets.


  • La Vila (Villajoyosa)

An area with a lot of fishermen and a Mediterranean atmosphere. What stands out and makes visitors fall in love with this place are the colorful houses located next to the river. In addition, you always have the opportunity to soak in the sun on its beaches next to the city.


  • Playa del Albir

Just to the north of the city of Benidorm we can find a wide beach that moves away from the massification and great concentrations. It also boasts a wide walkthrough which covers the entire area surrounded by the Natural Park of Sierra Helada.


  • Poniente Beach

It is the most extensive beach (more than 3 kilometers long) and the most popular in Benidorm. In spite of its mesmerizing attributes, it is a very quiet area that has a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and bars. You can also find different water and leisure activities, such as floating platforms.

Sandos Benidorm Albir

Albir lighthouse

Sandos Benidorm Guadalest


Sandos La Cruz de Benidorm


Benidorm should be characterized by the number of outdoor activities you can participate in that allows you to discover the charms of the city and surrondings.

Whatever your style of vacation may be, we want to provide you with the ultimate list of recommendations that will help make the most of your stay and allow you to enjoy the incredible and breathtaking views and experiences this island has to offer.


  • Levante Beach

From long walks along the 2km long beach to water sports to games along the seaside, this beach is ideal for any activity alone, with a partner, or with your family. With an unbeatable location, Levante Beach is one of the favorite beaches for vacationers.


  • Aqualandia

One of the most fun things to do in Benidorm is Acualandia, a water park with exciting attractions for all tastes and ages


  • Mythical Terra

A theme park based on the ancient Mediterranean civilizations will delight children and adults and provide a day full of fun attractions and entertainment.



  • The viewpoint of the Cross

Without a doubt one of the most magical places in the city, the Mirador de la Cruz. The best place to enjoy incredible views of the city. This place is located at the top of Sierra Helada, so it is only accessible on foot or by car from the end of the Levante beach by accessing the Rincon de Loix.



  • Altea

Considered by many to be the most beautiful town in Valencia, it is located between Benidorm and Calpe. Along its grand stretch of coastline you can find coves, cliffs, and beaches of turquoise and crystalline waters. Without a doubt, visiting the town is one of the most beautiful excursions to do in Benidorm.



Benidorm offers a rich and varied gastronomy based on the Mediterranean diet.

 If you have not tried any foods in the area, here we leave you ten typical dishes that you should taste when you visit us.



  • Arroz caldoso con boquerones

If you are a fish lover, without a doubt, this is your dish. It is a simple but delicious dish typical of the eastern area. The rich combination of flavors will fascinate you!


  •  Arroz a banda

Famous Mediterranean rice, popular in the province of Alicante, has become one of the most typical and highly recommended dishes. If you visit Benidorm, do not hesitate to taste this delicious dish, sure to leave your mouth watering. Nothing like enjoying an incredible walk through the city and ending the journey tempting your palate with a small culinary fad.


  • Cazuela de pescado a lo pobre

It is a juicy preparation of fish with potatoes, fish stock, almonds, wine, and paprika. A simple recipe that pleases the tastebuds just right. When you visit Benidorm take the opportunity to really enjoy the flavors and textures of this tasty dish.


  • Habas guisadas (faves sacsaes)

It is a tasty, simple, and easy recipe. This dish is a perfect and very healthy option popular in the spring and summer season when the arrival of good weather allows you to enjoy the seasonal vegetables with all its freshness.


  • Calamares rellenos

Nobody can resist them! An exquisite dish with tender squid combined with a light sauce, perfect if you want to eat something light and fresh.


  • El "Pebrot"

It is a seafood dish with exquisite flavor prepared with bluefish. Will you try this delicious mix of flavors and textures?


  • Coca rellena o coca farcida

A recipe with history, this exquisite elaboration has been passed from parents to children in this city for decades. This recipe is made from flour and oil dough, characterized by being stuffed with a tomato ratatouille, peas, and tuna. If you haven't tried it yet, don't hesitate to do it because you'll love it. A perfect combination!


  • Bollo de San Blas

It is a small and very fluffy bun that, with a touch of lemon, gives a characteristic yellow color. An exquisiteness characterized by its rich flavor. Rest assured that if you try one of them, you will find yourself going back for seconds!



  • Pastel o empanada de boniato 

If your intention is to stay healthy and at the same time enjoy something sweet, you cannot leave Benidorm without trying this delicious cake/pie. An appetizing cake filled with a sweet potato dough shaped like a pie. They are fluffy and have a very creamy texture.


  • Tarta de Benidorm 

It is a sweet created from the memory, culture, and flavors of the eastern area. Its ingredients, present throughout the Valencian Community, will connect you in a special way to the gastronomy of this city: almonds, dates, orange, lemon, and cinnamon. Delicious!