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Where exclusiveness begins

With Royal Elite the limits do not exist, welcome to the vacation program where you can find a world of opportunities.


No matter what your perfect vacation may be, Royal Elite offers a panorama full of experiences that will satisfy all your desires; if you're looking for a romantic getaway immersed in the luxury and comfort of a tropical paradise or a family vacation full of adventure and natural experience, we’ve covered both.


Royal Elite encourages dreams, offering its members the opportunity to travel without limits, opening the doors to a network of +6000 exclusive tourist destinations worldwide. We know that time goes by and does not return, that's why Royal Elite is the perfect ally to create the best and most exclusive scenarios to write those stories that will last forever.


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Royal Elite will transport you to a world of vacations that you have never experienced, where everything is about you and your family; a true vacation home in dream destinations. Endorsed by the Association of Vacation Club of Quintana Roo (ACLUVAQ), invest in your family with tranquility.

Royal Elite Members benefits

    • Royal Elite exclusive bracelet
    • Preferred All Inclusive rates only for Royal Elite members
    • Exclusive areas only for Royal Elite members
    • Exclusive VIP reception
    • Preferential reservations dinner in our Á La Carte Restaurants
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Global Access to 6000+ Resorts

A very important aspect of RoyalElite's Vacation Club is its flexiblity, as such we are affiliated with the most remarkable exchange company in the market RCI, travel around the whole world with us. 

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Special Member Support

Members enjoy of a fully dedicated and personalized customer service attention and support 7 days a week. Get in touch!


Choice of 10 All Inclusive Resorts

Choose from 10 different all inclusive resorts around top destinations in Mexico & Spain. 

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Fully Regulated & Certified

Royal Elite Vacation Club is regulated and legally certified as a vacation property by ACLUVAQ. Read more here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated to serving our members needs, get quick answers at the Royal Elite FAQ section